Albuquerque, New Mexico - Two top New Mexico pain clinics now offers over 50 treatments to relieve pain. Pain management doctors at New Mexico Pain treat over 40 painful conditions. Patients no longer need to deal with debilitating pain with treatment from these pain clinics’ highest-rated doctors.

Constant pain can take a toll on a person physically and mentally. Now patients in the Albuquerque area can get relief at two local pain management clinics Albuquerque. Some conditions patients face include auto accident injuries, sciatica, and neck, back and shoulder pain.

One of the primary conditions that patients deal with and have been treated for is back pain. Back pain can be caused by arthritis, degenerative disc disease, herniated disc or scoliosis. If back pain is not treated, it can lead to further pain throughout the body.

Those with back pain are often treated by the chiropractor at New Mexico Pain. The chiropractor Albuquerque will treat the pain with medication, or recommend physical therapy. Based on a patients’ condition, the doctor will prescribe the best treatment.

Another common condition that patients face is pain caused by auto accidents. New Mexico Pain has board-certified physicians that will help you manage the physical and emotional pain from an auto accident.

Whiplash from a car accident often turns into chronic neck pain if it is not treated quickly and correctly. A doctor will provide the care needed and recommended treatment plan to alleviate the discomfort.

Treatments for other conditions include pain management medication and interventional pain management. Each doctor at New Mexico Pain will determine which treatment is ideal.

If you are dealing with chronic pain or pain due to an auto accident, New Mexico Pain’s doctors can help with over 50 extensive treatment plans available.

About New Mexico Pain

New Mexico Pain has two pain management clinics in the Albuquerque area. The doctors are highly trained specialists in relieving pain. For more information on their treatments, or to schedule an appointment visit their website or call (832) 699-0676.