Michael Wildes ESQ offers specialized services that you can trust!

"Armed with huge experience and expertise, Michael Wildes ESQ is one of the recognized immigration law attorneys in America who has handled immigration related issues of countless people all across the globe."

Michael Wildes is a distinguished immigration law attorney in United States of America who has huge clientele base from all over the world. He has handled countless intricate cases of individuals facing difficulties in getting their visas approved.

Migrating to any other country is never been an easy task. There are a lot of tasks that need to be completed within time frames in order to get visa approved within a short span of time. Most of the people are not familiar with visa policies and rules. Michael Wildes helped such people by providing his specialized services. Michael Wildes possesses wide knowledge of each and every aspect associated with immigration.

Presently, he is working in Wildes and Weinberg, an immigration law firm founded by his father Leon Wildes ESQ. Michael Wildes and other skilled attorneys in this firm are always ready to go an extra mile to help their clients in getting their visa. They help their clients in completing entire paperwork and provide complete support right from the beginning of this procedure till they get their visas approved.

Due to his excellence in solving immigration-based problems, Michael Wildes has been given title of “Attorney to the stars.” Soccer star Pele and Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez also availed services of Michael Wildes in getting their visas approved.

He is not recognized only as a reputed immigration law lawyer but also a Mayor of Englewood. He served this position for two times, making him a popular personality all around the globe. Apart from this, he also worked with NYPD as an Auxiliary office from 1982 to 1992.

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