Tighten The Loose Vagina Using Home Remedies

A study on male and female abstinence level showed about 75 percent in late teens had intercourse and postpartum

depression was common in 1 in every 10 women in the Western societies. Western women suffer from many complications during pregnancy and in the developing world due to lack of knowledge and facilities, women die of it. Most of the teenagers had intercourse with their dating partner. Also, the research on conjugal behavior of men and women in the west showed, couples who were satisfied with their relationship had more active conjugal life as compared to partners who were dissatisfied. Dissatisfaction has been found to be a major cause for marital discord. Women, who have dull or enlarged structure of reproductive organs, suffer from the problem of loss of satisfaction which creates complications in partnership. Women trying to find a solution can tighten the loose vagina using home remedies as there are some everyday herbs that are effective in reducing the size of tissues without causing any harm

to the body.

One can tighten the loose vagina using home remedies, herbal capsule Aabab Tablet and by regular exercising. Exercise firm ups the muscles. The main muscles found in the pubic region can be worked out to make it more flexible and elastic through regular exercising. Generally, the organ's shape is retained after every intercourse but sometimes, the women suffer from extension of muscles beyond repair. Multiple births are one of the reasons that can cause permanent stretching of the muscles.

What the studies on structure of reproductive organs and relationships found?

As per studies the average measure of vagina is 62.7 mm that is large as compared to 40.8 mm, and width varies along the length. The start of cervix marks the end of it. The size and structure of the organ varies widely from one woman to other.

The research on the main causes for disagreement and conflicts within partnership are based on age, partner's health and interest in lovemaking.

Basically, for healthy conjugal life, both the partners should enjoy being together emotionally and physically.

1. On an average 18 to 29 years old had intercourse 112 times a year.

2. The rate decreased to 86 in couples in the age of 30 to 39.

3. The rate further reduced to 69 in couples in the age of 40 to 49.

The frequency reduces because of changing health conditions, boredom and lowering interest of one of the partners. The low-frequency is not the reason for low satisfaction; however,

Sometimes partner avoids getting into it, if they assume it will cause further dissatisfaction. Even women who suffer from health issues or poor self-image avoid getting physical with their partner to avoid dissatisfaction and boredom. Loose reproductive enhance the problem as woman herself has a low self-image. To tighten the loose vagina using home remedies one should include more fruits and vegetables in diet. Also, one can take Aabab Tablet, an ayurvedic cure that is inserted externally into the organ before the process for tightened structure and improved sensation.

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