Research and Forecast of China Electric Scooter Industry, 2014-2018

Research and Forecast of China Electric Scooter Industry, 2014-2018

Research and Forecast of China Electric Scooter Industry, 2014-2018 mainly conducts in-depth market research on electric scooter market in the following aspects: market scale, supply and demand, market competition and business performance of major enterprises, meanwhile it makes a prediction about electric scooter industry and provides decision-making references for investors.

In 2013, the demand volume of electric scooters in China reached 1.05 million units, an increase of 31.25% year-on-year. In current electric scooter market, the products mainly serve for the elderly, the disabled and home women; with the deepened population aging degree and the increased consumption level, the demand for electric scooter is also growing increasingly.

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Table Of Contents

1. Overview of China\'s Electric Scooter Products

1.1 Product Brief Introduction

1.1.1 Brief Introduction

1.1.2 Composition

1.1.3 Advantages

1.2 Classification

2. Electric Scooter Situation in Foreign Countries and Taiwan

2.1 Foreign Countries

2.2 Taiwan

3. Environment of China\'s Electric Scooter Industry

3.1 Economic Environment

3.2 Industry Relevant Policies, Standards, Laws and Regulations

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4. Characteristics of Electric Scooter Industry

4.1 Concentration Ratio

4.2 SWOT

4.3 Industry Chain

4.4 Competitive Landscape

5. Supply and Demand in China\'s Electric Scooter Market

5.1 Supply Situation

5.1.1 Supply Situation

5.1.2 Main Brands

5.2 Demand Situation

5.3 Demand Factors

5.4 Price Situation

5.4.1 Price

5.4.2 Factors Affecting the Price

5.4.3 Price Trend

6. Overview of China\'s Low Speed Electric Vehicle

6.1 Brief Introduction

6.1.1 Product Introduction

6.1.2 Main Products and the Introduction

6.2 Development Situation in China

6.3 Overview of China\'s Main Manufacturers

6.4 Market Situation of Four-wheel Low Speed Electric Vehicle Market and the Forecast

6.4.1 Current Application Situation

6.4.2 Domestic Market

6.4.3 International Market

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7. Import and Export of China\'s Electric Scooters

7.1 Import and Export

7.2 Sources of Import and Destinations of Export

8. Technological Development of Electric Scooter Products

8.1 Technological Development Situation

8.1.1 Relevant Domestic Patents

8.1.2 Research Situation

8.2 Technological Development Direction

8.2.1 Technological Maturity in China and Technological Difference between China and Foreign Countries

8.2.2 Technological Development Direction

9. Main Enterprises and Competitive Landscape in China\'s Electric Scooter Industry

9.1 Feishen Group Co., Ltd.

9.1.1 Company Profile

9.1.2 Company Strength

9.1.3 Independent R&D Situation

9.1.4 Business Performance

9.2 Jinhua ACEME Electric Co., Ltd.

9.2.1 Company Profile

9.2.2 Company Strength

9.2.3 Development Trend

9.2.4 Business Performance

9.3 Zhejiang Ripu Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

9.3.1 Company Profile

9.3.2 Company Strength

9.3.3 Business Performance

9.4 Wisking Electromechanical Product Co., Ltd.

9.4.1 Company Profile

9.4.2 Company Strength

9.4.3 Business Performance

9.5 Xuzhou Maston Mobility Co., Ltd.

9.5.1 Company Profile

9.5.2 Company Strength

9.5.3 Business Performance

9.5.4 Development Strategy

10. Development Forecast and Investment Prospect of China\'s Electric Scooter Industry

10.1 Forecast of Supply, 2014-2018

10.2 Forecast of Demand, 2014-2018

10.3 Main Development Direction

11. Investment Suggestions and Opinions from the Experts

11.1 Investment Opportunity

11.1.1 Market Space

11.1.2 Industry Development Trend

11.2 Investment Risk

11.2.1 Horizontal Competition Risk

11.2.2 Market Trade Risk

11.2.3 Influence of Industry Policy Changes

11.3 Risk Precautionary Measure and Industry Coping Strategy

11.3.1 Precautionary Measure for Horizontal Competition Risk

11.3.2 Actively Develop Upstream Sellers and Downstream Consumers to Reduce Market Risk

11.3.3 Coping Strategy of Enterprises

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