Mobile Web Forms and Approval Workflows Boost Productivity

Web forms provide incredible convenience for companies, allowing them to quickly and conveniently interact with clients, partners and employees for everyday business processes. Taking the next step with web forms – making them available via mobile device – will help make approval workflows like expense reports, employee on-boarding, invoice processing, and other functions of your business even more convenient.

About Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the preferred method of accessing the Internet. According to the Pew Research Center, over 90 percent of adults own a cell phone, more than 58 percent of adults own a smartphone, and about 42 percent own a tablet computer. The vast majority of phone and tablet users have Internet access for their devices and most use them to check email and other messages.

Mobile devices are also becoming quite common in the workplace. Recent studies show an upswing in the number of employees using mobile devices in the office for a variety of work-related activities, such as checking messages and using various apps for work purposes.

The fact is that mobile devices provide a portable and convenient way for people to access information and the Internet. Harnessing this convenience for your company can yield great dividends in terms of productivity and cost reductions.

Mobile Web Forms and Approval Workflows

Web forms are forms that can be filled out and shared online. An example of a web form may be an order form a client may fill out to make a purchase, or an expense report form a new employee may fill out online. Typically, these forms go through an approval process where other people approve the purchase or the expenses. E-signature technology and laws have made these online forms and approval workflows even more useful, as people can now create legally binding electronic signatures for documents, ending the need to physically print, sign, and resubmit forms.

Making your web forms mobile-friendly can have a number of advantages, including:

·         Remote access and portability – By giving users the opportunity to access forms, sign and approve them using their mobile devices, clients can fill out and sign important forms in the field, employees can fill out expense reports and managers can approve them from anywhere, people can access important documents from any location, whether it’s the main office or a branch location.

·         Reduced printing – With portable access to forms, your staff will no longer need to print forms out, saving paper and ink costs.

·         Greater accuracy – Web forms are stored online, reducing the chance of a lost or misplaced document and reducing the time it takes to find a document. Online forms also mean that users automatically get the latest version and never accidentally fill out outdated versions.

·         Less space – As you transition from paper to online documents, your need for storage space for filing cabinets full of paper documents will decrease, allowing you to maximize your floor space or find a smaller, less expensive location.

With mobile web forms and approval workflows, you can create a more flexible and responsive workforce, helping you to outflank your competition.

Company Bio

FREVVO provides clients with easy to use e-forms and approval workflows that they can customize for any use on any device. Since FREVVO’s establishment in 2007, the company has worked to improve productivity and reduce unnecessary bureaucracy through the convenience of online forms and electronic signature solutions.