RotaBolt-TD Wins Innovation Award

The RotaBolt-TD system, the first in the world to offer remote wireless monitoring of bolted joint integrity, has won the Innovation Award in an annual competition celebrating business success across the West Midlands.

The awards, run by the Express and Star newspaper, showcase the best of the area’s businesses and highlight the business acumen and manufacturing innovation of the region. Although the Innovation category was hotly contested, the RotaBolt-TD came out a clear winner with the judges recognising the potential that it had to offer in assuring reliability and safety in locations where bolted joints are difficult to monitor.

The new system was launched by James Walker RotaBolt in partnership with Transmission Dynamics at the beginning of the year. It has sparked interest across a wide range of applications where the maintenance of bolted joints is particularly difficult. The company is currently in discussion with a number of operators to explore how RotaBolt-TD can benefit them.

The RotaBolt-TD system continuously monitors and wirelessly reports in-service bolt tension, and can even issue 'tension-loss alarms' via email or SMS. It is supported with state of the art instrumentation and data automation, and can be deployed with a full data management and reporting package.

Each bolt contains micro instrumentation and a wireless transmitter. It periodically reads bolt tension, critical to the integrity of the joint, and then wirelessly transfers the information to a local transceiver which then transmits the report via the internet, or GSM network, to a secure server.

With the addition of the RotaBolt-TD, the Company now has a range of tension control fasteners that can be monitored using tactile, visual or remote methods. They are global leaders in understanding the science of bolted joint technology and the importance of achieving and maintaining correct tension across bolted joints. RotaBolts are used to assure bolted joint reliability in environments where pressure containment, vibration, fatigue and structural slippage are present.

Transmission Dynamics design and manufacture their own range of wireless telemetry and data acquisition systems for recovering in-service load information from the most demanding of environments.