Backseat Organizer Has Lifetime warranty

Freddie and Sebbie back seat organizer comes with the company's free lifetime replacement guarantee.

Designed from heavy duty materials, the back seat organizer from Freddie and Sebbie has the company's lifetime replacement guarantee. If it ever breaks or something tears, send it back for a no-charge replacement.

“We build tough because we know kids can be rough. It's not that kids are being intentionally destructive, they are just exploring the world and their environment,” said company spokesman Neil Speight. “So, we build products that will hold up and if something does happen, you can get a replacement.”

The back seat organizer has eight pockets:

• A 7”x12.5” large mesh pocket on the top with a zipper close
• Three pockets; one is 5” deep and two are 2.5” deep
• Three flat pockets; one is 13” x 6” and the others 5” x

It also doubles as a kick pad for the back of a car seat. When kids get rambunctious, they can kick at the organizer without damaging the back side of the car seat.

“The back side of a care seat is nothing more than a sheet of fabric or leather stretched across an empty space. Supports are in the front of the seat and on the frame. Some inadvertent kicks over time can tear the seat cover,” Mr. Speight said. “Repairs are expensive. The back seat organizer is much cheaper and, of course, if it gets torn you can get a replacement free,” Freddie and Sebbie produces a line of kid-tested and parent-approved products.

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