Aureus Medical talks travel PT professionals and recovery from sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Omaha, NE (January 19, 2015) - Travel PT professionals can serve as a backbone of support for those suffering from sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Aureus Medical Group, a leader in physical therapy staffing, discusses how therapists can assist in patient recovery.

The lower back/pelvic condition can result from hypomobility or hypermobility at the sacroiliac joints in the pelvis. When a patient comes in with the condition, travel physical therapy specialists will typically hear that the patient has pain on one side of the back. Based on the specific cause of each person's condition and their treatment goals, therapists can design individualized treatment programs. 

Though the condition can affect both men and women, it is more common in females.  

A refresher on SIJ dysfunction
As travel PT professionals know, the sacroiliac joint lies next to the bottom of the spine, below the triangular bone and the tailbone. It typically is small and very strong, and there is relatively little motion at the SI joints, with less than four degrees of rotation and 2 millimeters of translation at these joints. That's because most of the motions in the area of the pelvis occur either at the hips or the lumbar spine. 

Since these joints need to support the entire weight of the upper body when humans stand erect, a large amount of stress is placed on them, which can wear down the cartilage layer that acts as a shock absorber between bones. 

Identifying sacroiliac joint dysfunction
Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of SI joint dysfunction. When the cartilage starts to deteriorate, the bones begin to rub on each other and degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis) occurs. 

Another major trigger is pregnancy. Those on travel physical therapy assignments know that when a woman is pregnant, hormones are released in her body that allow her ligaments to relax. Because relaxed ligaments holding the SI joints together allow for increased motion in the joints, this can lead to abnormal wear and heightened stress.  

In addition, any condition that alters the normal walking pattern – whether it's leg ​length discrepancy, hip pain or ankle problems – may place more stress on the SI joints. 

There are many different terms for sacroiliac joint problems, such as SI joint syndrome, SI joint inflammation, SI joint dysfunction, and SI joint strain. Each of these terms refers to a condition that causes pain in the SI joints.

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