Actor JASON WOODS Heads into Action in New Disaster Film “SAN ANDREAS QUAKE”


LOS ANGELES (May 13, 2015) – Rising actor JASON WOODS heads into action appearing in two upcoming feature films; the new disaster movie, SAN ANDREAS QUAKE, and the Christian-drama, KEEP THE FAITH.

Releasing on VOD May 19, 2015 from The Asylum and directed by John Baumgartner, SAN ANDREAS QUAKE is an action-thriller that thrusts Nick (Woods) into a desperate rescue situation. Forced to team with his high-strung seismology professor, Nick must ignore their contentious relationship in order to save the young woman they both love.  

While most action films are dependent on stuntmen for the thrilling scenes, Woods’ strength and athleticism enabled him to perform all his own stunts. He was ecstatic to be cast as the lead in this action film, explaining “It’s so cool to play an action hero like in the films I’ve grown up watching. I can’t wait for the next one!”

Demonstrating his range as an actor, Woods will also appear in the Christian-drama, KEEP THE FAITH.  Directed by Choice Skinner, the film chronicles the story of an ex-gang leader. Woods joins in the storyline as Brother Walter, a loyal Christian that refuses to drop his Faith, even when threatened with his life.

And, soon to hit the festival circuit, Woods can be seen in the indie short, MIDLAND. Directed by Oliver Bernsen, the film tells the story of a young woman who lures a man into a night of forced indoctrination. 

Previously, this Los Angeles native has been building a solid reputation on the indie scene. Some of Woods’ credits include the short films, DOGS IN THE DISTANCE, TAO OF SIMON and PALMS. He has also starred in several television pilots, including BLACK 2, DANGER JANE, and DIAMOND LIFE.  Skilled in physical comedy and improvisation, Woods is a founding member of the comedy web series ODD KIDDS OUT, in which he starred, produced and directed multiple episodes.

Jason Woods is represented by The House of Representatives.

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