SYOPTEK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Offers Now Fiber Strippers and Buffer Tube Strippers for Aiding Precision Engineering

China - SYOPTEK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, a renowned manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic tools and fiber optic cleaning and splicing tools, recently unveiled its latest selection of fiber optic strippers and buffer tube strippers. The owners of the Shenzhen, China based manufacturing firm informed the press that the large collection of tools can help in precision engineering and that the networking and communication sectors would be hugely benefitted from the products they are presently offering.

“As everybody working in this field knows, stripping is a standard procedure used for removing the optical fiber polymer coating in order to fusion splice the fibers. The splicing process actually starts when both the fiber ends are prepared for fusion and it takes the protective polymer coating to be removed. Here is where these fiber optic stripper products come into use”, said a sales executive of SYOPTEK.

He also added that optical fiber stripping can be done by using specialized tools such as the buffer tube strippers.

“Fiber optic strippers are now manufactured by only a handful of manufacturers around the world and we are among them. We also take pride in the fact that we have been the single biggest exporter of fiber optic tools to date and one of the most trusted manufacturers of fiber cleaver and other sorts of tools that we manufacture”, added the executive.

The CEO of SYOPTEK also delivered a short speech on how they have successfully become one of the top manufacturers and exporters of fiber optic tools in China. He said, “We already have the right infrastructure for delivering quality tools and tool kits. Some of the machines in our factory are made in China, though we also use imported machines that are used for manufacturing these specialized tools”. The CEO also indicated that the price of fiber optic stripper may go down as a part of their upcoming digital marketing campaign.

About the Company

SYOPTEK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a reputable manufacturer of fiber optic tools, fiber optic cleaning tools and fiber optic diagnostics.

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