Dog Hip Dysplasia Natural Remedies May Come in the Form of Low-Impact Exercises

Orlando, Florida – Pet owners may not have to look very far in terms of finding dog hip dysplasia natural remedies as these remedies may come in the form of low-impact exercises such as leash walking and swimming.

Dog hip dysplasia is one of the common conditions affecting dogs, and it takes place when the hip-joint fails to develop normally. This causes the hip-joint to become loose, which then leads to painful wear and tear. The common signs of the condition include limping and reduced activity in dogs. While the condition involves intense pain in dogs, pet owners do not necessarily have to resort to surgery or medication. One natural remedy that their hip dysplastic dogs may greatly benefit from is low-impact exercise such as leash walking and swimming.

Leash walking for not more than thirty minutes every day is considered a beneficial exercise for dogs with hip dysplasia. It helps keep their hip-joint moving without putting too much strain on it. Same is true with swimming as the water supports their weight, so the load they have to carry is lessened. Moreover, while these forms of low-impact exercise can help alleviate the condition, pet owners are advised to take some caution when making their dogs perform these forms of exercise. They should be encouraged to warm up and cool down before and after the exercise, and their response during and after the exercise should be observed.

Low-impact exercises as natural remedies for dog hip dysplasia may also be combined with a hip and joint supplement for dogs. Generally, the supplement contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, which are compounds helpful for the repair of damaged and worn out joints and connective tissues.

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