Heaven is for Real – A Skeptic’s Guide by Lilly Thumper

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Iowa, 17th April, 2014: Heaven is for Real is the story of a boy who had a near death experience and visited heaven during an emergency surgery. The critique Heaven is for Real – a skeptic’s guide written by Lilly thumper throws light on certain inconsistencies in the book that are based on factual evidence and this book is available on

This critique is not to give any personal opinion about the book or to hurt anybody but it is to mention that things need to be proved scientifically for people to believe. She has quoted certain interviews where contradictions can be found in what Colton Burpo has said. This book gives a comparative analysis of the story written in the book and uses a more scientific approach rather than any agnostic or Christina point of view.

Though she believes about the near death experience of Colton Burpo which has been explained in the book, in the critique she wants to mention things that have been changed from the original version thus leaving people in doubt.

Following is the about Jesus’ horse explained by Colton.


So is the horse rainbow or white? There is a vast difference between a white horse and a rainbow horse.

(Children’s version of Heaven is for Real)

Colton Burpo: “You can play with any animal you like.” “But, my favorite animals were the lions and Jesus’ big white horse.”

(Trade book ‘original’ version of Heaven is for Real)

Colton Burpo: “Dad, did you know Jesus has a horse?

Todd Burpo“A horse?”

Colton Burpo: “Yeah, a rainbow horse. I got to pet him.”

About Heaven is for Real – A Skeptic’s Guide

Heaven is for Real – A Skeptic’s Guide is a critique written by Lilly Thumper it is a comparative analysis of the original book Heaven is for Real based on a scientific point of view that offers some factual evidence about contradictions and inconsistencies in the book.

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