Murder Mystery Texas Brings Murder To The Boardroom

Dallas, TX — Corporate events have a bad reputation for being predictable and boring. Companies spend a lot of money to put the events together, only to find that the goal of team building is never achieved and all of the effort in the event has been wasted. Murdermysterytexas is a live dinner theater company that provides regular dinner events throughout the Metroplex, and they are pleased to bring their unique style to private corporate events.

The Murdermysterytexas dinners are a fully immersive and interactive experience that employees are all sure to enjoy and remember for a long time to come. Companies have two options when they hire Murdermysterytexas. First, then can bring the office to one of the many partner restaurants, such as Old Mill Inn, and have both the dinner and entertainment taken care of. Companies who prefer to have the experience on their own campus can provide their own catering service, while Murdermysterytexas brings the entertainment.

Events last a couple of hours, with periods of investigation and down time to eat, and there are few ways to get a better team building activity. After a brief reception, the first murder occurs, and the attendees are tasked with interrogating each other and the staff to get to the root of the crime. Throughout the rest of the event another murder or two may occur, and sudden twists will keep everyone on their toes. Employees will enjoy the teamwork required to come up with the best solutions, and they will have a great time in such a relaxed atmosphere.

Previous clients have included companies like Bank of America, McDonald’s and Mary Kay Cosmetics, and there are sure to be plenty new companies to add to the list in 2014. Interested business owners or managers can go to to see a full itinerary for the event and to request a price quote.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit and click on the link to your local area or call (888) U-SOLVE-IT