Rubber4Roofs Offers 20-Year Guarantee For Trade Customers

Rubber4Roofs issues a 20-year guarantee for all the EPDM rubber roofs installed by trade customers. Trade customers can start installing roofs upon completion of the company’s training course.

[Coventry, March 13,2014] - Rubber4Roofs, an online EPDM rubber roof retailer based in Coventry, issues a 20-year guarantee for all EPDM rubber roofs installed by their trade customers. Trade customers can start installing their own roofs upon completion of the company’s training course.

Trade Benefits

The 20-year guarantee is a vote of confidence Rubber4Roofs casts for their trade customers. In order to use  the 20-year guarantee, however, partners are required to apply through the Rubber4Roofs website. The company encourages small businesses and DIY builders to become trade customers not just for the service guarantee, but also for the benefits that come with training.

If a trade customer successfully completes the course, they can provide customers with the 20-year guarantee. Completing the course grants accreditation, and provides nearly the same authority as a Rubber4Roofs installer.Trade customers only need to send Rubber4Roofs pictures of the completed project for the company’s records.

Roof Training

To ensure the success of every installation, the company requires trade customers to undergo a roof installation-training course. The course covers professional installation of the classic bond duoply system and the reinforced EDPM self-adhesive system.

The course takes place at Coventry, West Midlands every Tuesday and Thursday. Courses last from 10am to 4:30pm. Trade customers receive a full pack of information that includes marketing literature and training certificates.

After completing the course, partners will become accredited EPDM installers.Accredited installers can work on their own projects and establish a small business of their own. Rubber4Roofs offers discounted prices on all their products for their trade customers, as well as a 24-hour support service to help partners.

About Rubber4Roofs

Rubber4Roofs aims to provide customers, DIYers, builders, and roofers with quality alternatives to traditional roofing systems. Their warehouse in Coventry stocks a range of EPDM rubber roofing systems, each with a life expectancy of more than fifty years. Their policy is to offer the best quality products at the lowest prices online. Dedicated to offering expert roofing solutions, Rubber4Roofs provides customers with the tools, materials, and training needed to ensure each project is a success.  

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