The battlefield of these nation teams in Brazil World Cup should also the battlefield of these famous brands football boots

UK - It has been said that the black Puma boots that had been wore by the ¡°number one¡± Bailey who got to participate in the 1970 World Cup let this famous football player get remuneration which is about 125 thousand dollars. According to the current standards, this amount of money really is very little.

Nowadays, as long as the famous players, they will have the shoe endorsement contract. Cristiano Ronaldo wears the Football Boots Sale from Nike. Messi get endorsement with Adidas. Other brands such as Puma and Mizuno also have their own endorsed players. Therefore, all of these famous brands football boots companies launched a major and no smoke competition in the World Cup of Brazil.

It is not like the soccer jersey which will be determined by nation. The decision for the soccer shoe should be the choice of player themselves. Thus, the Spanish team wears Adidas uniforms but the main player Fabregas is wearing Puma shoes. Similarly, Adidas is the main sponsor of German team but the most players of German team are wearing Nike boots.

In addition to the competition between these stars, the goals of these famous shoes brand could help to show with people most professional values as the quality of the shoe will determine the number goals of players . According to statistics, at the end of the group stage and 1/8 finals, the ranking first one should be Adidas adizero f50 boots foot.

In this year¡¯s World Cup, the most famous player who wearing Adidas Adizero f50 boots should be undoubtedly the Argentina player Lionel Messi who has already scored four goals. Messi is Argentina¡¯s most top scorer. In addition to Messi, the French team¡¯s top scorer Karim Benzema is also adizero f50 loyal fans. He already got three goals. All players in this year Brazil World cup who wear adizero f50 already scored a total of 34 goals which number should be the ranking first one.

As the introduction of editor from cheap adidas Copa Mundial which is famous online store for cheap football shoes, the ranked second football shoe should be the Nike Mercurial Superfly. Although Cristiano Ronaldo who is the most famous wearer for this Nike only scored one goal in this World Cup, all famous players who wear this Nike New football boots already score total 21 goals, ranking second in scoring boots standings.

In addition, the three to five ranked shoes are respectively Adidas predator, Nike hypervenom and Nike mercurial vapor. If people want to have any pair of cheap football boots with same series of these famous brand shoes, please get contact with us by following information.

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