Automotive Head-Up Display Market

The head-up displays (HUD) were initially used only in the cockpits of jet fighters and in military and civil aviation applications. However, they are now-a-days finding their way into the family cars, with navigation and driver-assist functions helping drive the automotive HUD market to expand. A head-up display is an optical system that superimposes a synthetic display providing navigational information on a driver's field of view. The system includes a cathode-ray tube, collimating optics and a combiner that projects the image in front of the window. The Automotive Head-Up Display Market (HUD) systems are fulfilling the safety, comfort, and entertainment needs of its users. The use of HUD offers several advantages, which includes un diverted concentration on driving, easy access to information, and fewer possibilities of accidents. Apart from showing speed and warning signals, HUDs are perfectly suited for displaying navigation information or advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) data, allowing drivers to access critical material while keeping their eyes on the road. By combining the HUD unit with a vehicle's GPS system, the driver can display map, turning and even speed-limit and traffic-sign information on a car’s windshield. The market drivers for the head-up displays are the collision avoidance, navigation and enhanced safety features whereas the restraints is the high cost of this active safety system. HUDs project an image that floats about 2.5 meters, or 7.5 feet, in front of driver’s eyes proving to be the optimal display technology for cars with studies having shown that this distance delivers the fastest response time for viewers. Europe, leads the market share for the HUD market, as this region accounts for a majority of new developments in terms of the adoption of the technology. APAC has the highest growth rate amongst all the geographic regions.

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The report covers the market for automotive head-up displays in terms of volume and value. The market volume is provided in terms of thousand units; whereas the value for the market is provided in terms of $Million from 2012 to 2019. The automotive head-up display market is broadly segmented by components (Video Generator, Projector, Display panel, Combiner). The market is further segmented by—vehicle type (Passenger cars, Light commercial vehicles & Heavy commercial vehicles), by pico projector technologies (Digital Light Processing pico projector, Liquid Crystal On Silicon (Lcos) pico projector, Laser-Beam-Steering (Lbs) pico projector, Holographic Laser Projection pico projector), by technology (CRT technology, LED technology, Optical Waveguides technology, Mems based technology) and geography (Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America & ROW) focusing on key countries in each region.