Contents Contrast Between World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2

World of warcraft tasks are traditional, but detailed creativities are rich and not lacked of all kinds of whimsy. World of warcraft plot has a warcraft series accumulation for many years that is solid touching. But from CTM to now, warcraft plot accumulation has gradually depleted, the sense and closeness began to decline, but new drama and a variety of whimsy bring much fun for gamers. Many gamers think world of warcraft threshold is higher than guild wars 2, and it is more challenging for players who like to adventure. And compared with guild wars 2, wow gamers are harder to gain world of warcraft gold and equipments.


Guild wars 2 game’s dynamic task system is distinctive. Players don’t have to answer the task or join a team, they are able to participate in series of events, such as go to the peripheral to help farmers deinsectization, even to kill the BOSS (the resultant force), and monsters attack and so on. As long as you can attack or kill, you don’t need boss set.


Guild wars 2 has a lot of drama CG. From the plot side, the main line is common and is that beating dragon to save the world.But every role also has different branches and a character has a lot of hobbies to choose so that players’ personal story and plot line have good personalized content, the plot and detail in NPC (except dynamic) will be sent a strange thank-you letter words. It shows how dedicated Occident developers are!


World of warcraft pandaria series began to add all kinds of wild BOSS. And many players even prefer to buy WoW gold to play it. WOW BOSS has inherited a lot of dungeons &dragons’ classic set, including the original monster like the fish, the panda is also creative. Wild elite boss, rare boss also are very interesting and surprises players. Wild PVE mode includes kazzak, blue dragon, four green dragon, those brought much fun and surprise for players. After the TBC, originality, quantity, drop gradually blurred. Mists of pandaria introduced many new elite boss, rare boss, blame and let them drop items, all kinds of toys to let players to regain fun, and wild PVE strengthening part is also good.



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