PitchEngine Begins Bringing the 'Brand Network' Online

Not everyone likes you, some people love you.

It's this concept that led to the creation of a new kind of network for brands and the people charged with managing their voices. The All-New PitchEngine is aimed at filling a void left by social networks.

"All of these networks are awesome for people, but they fall short for most brands," explained PitchEngine Founder and CEO, Jason Kintzler.

"As an industry, we've been convincing brands they need to pretend to be people in order to play nice on Facebook and Twitter. The reality is, there is still a need for brands to reach people with actual information and things like Facebook EdgeRank and email spam are making this almost impossible," he said.

Kintzler and his team set out to rectify this by building a network layer on top of the existing PitchEngine platform. With more than 50,000 brands already publishing there, product developers were able to transform all these brands and their content into something of a conversation among brands.

"As a communications professional, you know the value of keeping every single stakeholder in the know. The new PitchEngine will serve as the primary tool for getting the word out to people that want and need that information," Kintzler said.

The Corporate Circle
Before he created PitchEngine, Kintzler was head of marketing for a major outdoor brand. He spent countless hours simply providing content internally to the company and its various stakeholders. He used a blog to share things like press coverage, new hires and other news with people that could use the information at sales meetings, with vendors and more. However, assuring delivery and reads was difficult. The new PitchEngine expands on this idea and makes it easy to keep everyone who is interested informed.

"It’s impossible even for employees to know what their own company is posting on every platform," he explains.

"The new PitchEngine changes that, giving everyone a common feed of content that’s extremely relevant and notifies followers of new updates."

The Brogan Effect
In the early days of PitchEngine, Chris Brogan, Publisher and CEO of Owner Magazine, would send anyone who pitched him story ideas to PitchEngine where he could filter and manage his pitches in a feed format instead of in a cluttered email inbox. 

The new PitchEngine takes this concept to a new level by empowering people like Chris to de-clutter their social networks and inboxes and streamline this aspect of their day. A brand sends Chris an invite or a link to their page and that’s it - he’s now in the loop. It helps to formalize an otherwise scattered process.

Micro PR
Since we introduced the PR industry to the first Social Media Release platform back in 2008, we never imagined how fast things would evolve. In those days, PR was about word docs and press kits. Today, good PR is practiced in many formats and on many platforms.

The great thing about press releases is their utility. The bad thing about press releases is their weight - and our assumption that everyone will read everything - even past the headline. Today’s consumer makes their decision about a webpage in less than a second. Your stakeholders are no exception. Journalists, customers, investors and even employees need to be engaged. Brevity has become part of that engagement.

The new PitchEngine enables brands to update their followers (stakeholders) in real-time by sending brief updates or complete pitches instantly. The feed works similar to most social networks, but serves a very specific purpose for an isolated group of people - those that want to or need to know what your brand is doing.

The Real-Time News Feed
The updates can be shared publicly, but the idea is to have a central place for your brand’s voice. This real-time news feed will be the first of its kind for brands and businesses of all sizes and PitchEngine makes integrating it onto websites, blogs and Facebook Pages simple.

Brands First
Unlike social networks, PitchEngine isn’t a conversation platform. Here, brands share things and people listen.

There is no place for people to rate, review or otherwise comment on anything. We think there’s a place in this world for brands and it hasn’t been created yet. 

Designed to Engaged
At PitchEngine, we believe good design is a critical piece of storytelling - especially as it related to brands. People will take you and your brand more serious if your content looks like it was created by a professional. Lucky for you, we make you a professional content designer with little effort.

Our latest release brings our best deigns yet to your fingertips. Built for any screen size on any device, the new Pitch Styles are designed to make a serious impact. Three big, bold styles will be released at the onset - some redesigned, some completely new. Each design puts the focus on rich media and your branding, not ours. The addition of a prominent “follow” action button makes the ask simple - Get updates about your favorite brand every time we share something. 

Each pitch includes a new dynamic photo gallery and an anchor feature image. The biggest change though is the capability of a completely rebuilt editor.

In the early days when browsers were less modern and users were exploring, we wanted to keep the functionality as basic as possible to keep the content consistent across the entire PitchEngine platform and ecosystem. Our new release however, puts the control in your hands with a more flexible editor. Now, users can embed all types of media into the body of the pitch.
We’re also rolling out a new version of our Twitter Pitch functionality that enables you to highlight any bit of text in a pitch and make it tweetable. It’s a really great way to encourage social engagement.

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