Professional Bike riding pants could be divided into many sorts depending on different riding factors

China - The sales manager from famous Cycling Jersey online seller introduce that their standard tight riding pants with pads could be generally used for road and mountain bike riding. This sort of Pro Cycling Jersey can be called the best costumes in outer bike riding because of its multi-used LYCRA fabric, high elasticity and freedom of movement.

The high level Bike Clothing make the use of high-end COOLMAX material which has very good permeability even in the summer day people could not get the uncomfortable feeling when wearing this riding pant. The riding pants with this high level material could greatly reduce perineal pressure in the long journey riding. Under long- distance riding, people could also solve the aching problem of perineal by applying some facial cleanser on riding pants cushions.

As related products of the standard of the standard bike pants, there are also products such as long pants, inner pants, overalls pants, loosen pants and other models. The kind of big fat riding pants is specific designed for these people who feel shameful to wear these tight bike pants. The fat and loosen bike pants usually have poor ventilation and the riders will feel very hot especially in the summer day. As the fabric of this kind of pant does not have enough flexibility, it will be slipped down in the riding process and the hard thick belt will also produce more adversely feeling. Each people should know that the bike riding should be very comfortable experience. This is very simple achievement for each bike riding lover.

In contrast with the traditional tightly pants wearing, there are some people who also wear inner tightly bike pants and then get a loosen pants outside. The effect of this matching is also very excellent. The long bike trousers and overall bike pants are mainly aimed at wearing in low temperature cycling season. As the special season requirement, these pants do not apply the breathable fabric and they usually have better insulation capacity. These pants from online cycle jersey seller also have some reflective design that could not only increase the design aesthetics but also to ensure the safety of night riding.

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