Children's Pen Pal Service Launches, Allowing Children to Write to Fictional Characters

March 16, 2014 – has launched their children’s edutainment site (, which is essentially a children’s pen pal service that allows children to write to a set of fictional characters. “The Monster Tree House Club was created to inspire imagination while promoting reading and writing in your children” -Benjamin Offerhall (


Created as a much-needed response to the glaringly apparent decline in the art of letter-writing, The Monster Tree House Club comes from a place of real concern, with the creators themselves being parents that are naturally conscious of the direction early childhood development is headed in, in this day and age. The project started out with the creation of a few characters who wrote to children that the founders of the Monster Tree House Club knew, and it proved to be an instant hit!


Driven by a team of enthusiastic characters who simply love writing to children, parents who involve their children with the Monster Tree House Club will be giving their kids a huge boost in the development of their reading and writing skills, but the benefits spread far beyond the academic realms. Children who write to and receive letters from characters such as The Tree House Club Monster, Kamia the Assertive Ballerina Leader, and the brave and bold Jayden will have an unprecedented channel through which to develop their communication and social skills and they will also have a great reference point from which to draw some valuable life skills in dealing with the various situations life throws at them.


Relatable characters, such as those who understand the dynamics of living with a single parent, being part of a bi-racial family, brave characters, shy characters, etc., serve as a great channel through which to engage children by wishing them a happy birthday (on their special day), wishing them well when ill and generally helping to bring joy to children’s lives.


No form letters are used, which means each child gets a personalized letter each time and, in this way, children can feel engaged as they write to and receive letter from characters of the Monster Tree House Club.


About: is an edutainment service geared towards early childhood development, created by parents who have painfully witnessed the general decline in the art of letter-writing.


Following the creation of a few characters who wrote to some of the children the creators knew, the response was overwhelmingly positive and the service grew from there. With the help of some created character blogs, the Monster Tree House Club characters have become more interactive, writing to kids to help them develop their reading and writing skills, while also offering comfort, encouragement and well-wishes in whatever life situations they may be faced with.


When a child receives a letter, they also gain access to the Monster Tree House Club’s Children’s Center, through which they can go online (with the permission of an adult) to play games and post content for other children to read and share.



 Phone: 702 469 2847