Albury, NSW Chiropractic Office, House Of Chiropractic, Offers Safe Solutions For Headaches

PRESS RELEASE: Albury NSW, 21-JANUARY-2014 - House of Chiropractic and Dr Janine Adams DC, Albury NSW chiropractor, are pleased to announce that they offer solutions for the pain of headaches. Although headaches are not considered life-threatening, they can create major disruptions in the enjoyment of life and the performance of work duties. Chiropractic techniques are effective without the need for pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Adams, Albury NSW chiropractor, spoke to an interviewer recently, "We begin a patient consultation with a careful and complete evaluation of physical health. Information about when the headaches began, how frequent they are and how severe are always part of the evaluation process. We encourage patients to realize that good health, free of pain, is a joint effort. We can provide spinal adjustments and other chiropractor measures, but it is up to the patient to make lifestyle changes."

"The type of headache experienced will also affect the type of therapy that is suggested" she continues. "Some headaches are due to spinal or cervical misalignments. Others might be caused by soft tissue spasms or irritation. Food or environmental allergies are also a frequent cause of pain in the head. We take all these factors into consideration before recommending a course of action."

Some of the helpful techniques which are offered by Dr Adams, Chiropractor include mirror image exercises to relieve stress and begin healing into the tissues. This practice allows the body to begin the self-healing process which is so important. Other therapeutic techniques work by improving the overall health of the body. Better nutrition, better posture and strengthening exercises are some of the methods.

Learn more about headache pain relief by going to the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have further queries regarding the contents of this press notice are invited to contact Dr. Janine Adams, Chiropractor at the location described below.

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