Publication Planning Advancing Medical Ethics -- ISMPP Pushes for Improved Biomedical Research Communication

Tarrytown, New York -- August 27, 2015 -- Members of the Ethics Committee of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) today published a perspective piece on publication planning in the  
International Journal of Clinical Practice 
(September 2015, 69.9, 915-21 [DOI: 10.1111/jcp 12708]}, 
available through open access at

The article, entitled "Publication planning:  promoting an ethics of transparency and integrity in biomedical research," argues for a more robust approach to the dissemination and communication of medical research results to the scientific community, and the public, in an accurate, complete,and timely manner.  Based on a collaborative professional statement following review of the indexed medical literature and relevant professional society guidelines, the article encourages the further development of well-organized publication plans ensuring that research results are communicated clearly to the scientific community, medical practitioners, patients, and the general public.

With the recent publication of Good Publication Practice 3 and its emphasis on the importance of publication planning, this article provides a deeper and more encompassing approach to this central aspect of medical publication. The article helps to mark ISMPP’s first ‘Decade of Achievement’ while contributing to its first strategic imperative: to evolve the medical publication community through visibly advocating for, and contributing to, best practices. The challenges and complexities of the medical research publication field have significantly increased in recent decades. The need for publication professionals with vision and supported by scientific strategic knowledge and a deep commitment to ethics has been increasingly highlighted within the scientific and medical communities as well as by popular media.

Publication planning represents a growing professional approach to guaranteeing transparency and integrity while bringing the results of medical research to those who benefit from it as well as those who apply it. This article provides further cutting edge evidence of ISMPP’s commitment to the highest scientific and ethics standards in medical publications. It is supported by the ISMPP Code of Ethics, ISMPP Code of Conduct, and further ongoing work in the Ethics Committee and ISMPP as a whole to develop a global presence and outreach that addresses the most pressing needs of the medical research publication community.

For further information on the article, you may contact the senior and corresponding author Francis P. Crawley at For information on ISMPP as a whole, you should write to

About the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals: 
ISMPP is an independent non-profit professional association with members from the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology industries; publication planning and medical communication companies; academia; and medical journal staff, including editors and publishers. Its goals are to support the educational needs of publication professionals and to develop best practices that ensure the rigorous maintenance of all ethical standards for reporting results of medical research. Additional information about ISMPP is available by contacting the organization's President, Al Weigel (phone: 520-820-08594; e-mail: or online at