Get Sun-Kissed Skin with the Innovative and Much Safer Sunless Tanning Methods

The practicality of Sunless Tanning has reached worldwide popularity. Even during summer, women and even men choose this technique over sun tanning because it is much safer according to health authorities. It is not a secret that many people prefer the natural ways, but there are alternative methods that are considered much better and healthier. This includes sunless tanning where products and techniques are applied to get that sun-kissed glow without meeting the sun's damaging rays.

Sunless tanning products have been around since the 1960s, but they hit their fame all across the world in the 90s when Hollywood started showing off celebrities with their tanned skin. Also known as self-tanners, spray tanning, and UV-free tanning among its many names, these products and methods can give that tanned look without the need to be exposed to the ultraviolet rays, which are harmful. The products typically come as lotions, sprays, and creams. There are also salons, spas, and businesses where spray-on services are performed by professionals.

Tanning Lotions and other sunless products contain the active ingredient known as dihydroxyacetone, which is a color additive. Obviously, this is the one responsible for coloring or tanning the skin. When the product is applied, the mentioned active ingredient will react with the dead cells, which are found at the surface of the skin. Consumers should be aware that the coloring is only temporary and will therefore wear off after a few days.

Aside from dihydroxyacetone, there are products that have sunscreen in them. If the product has sunscreen, this means that the effect will fade much faster than the ones that do not contain sunscreen. As a matter of fact, tanning lotions with sunscreen will only be effective for about two hours. Although it has sunscreen, consumers need to note that the product does not have the ability to protect the skin from the sun's unsafe ultraviolet rays. In this case, those who will go out at the beach and sport their newly tanned skin should still wear sunscreen lotions and other protective gear such as sunglasses and hats.

Sunless tanning lotions and other methods are so much better than going for the natural way, which is to be under the sun for 30 minutes or even more. They are not only effective, but they are also safer to the body. However, consumers should be alert when it comes to purchasing their sunless tanning means. There are products that mislead people, such as those that claim they can help maintain the sun tanned glow. Others, such as the tanning pills, are safe. This is because they contain canthaxanthin, which are considered risky. Not only can this cause the skin to turn brown or orange permanently, but it can also damage the liver, impair vision, and cause hives.

Nevertheless, topical tanning products are considered much safer replacements to sunbathing. If consumers use the products as directed, there is no doubt that these sunless tanning methods can give that natural and healthy tanned look without getting sunburned or skin cancer.