Let all Nike fans know about the historical development of the Nike Blazer

China - Do you remember the famous Nike Blazer released in the early stage of Nike history? Yes, each Nike shoes' fans must know about this famous Nike running shoes series. This shoe represent the historical moment of Nike's development into the basketball area. Today, the editor from website , which is the best online store for all kind of cheap Nike shoes such as Nike Free Run, Nike Air Max and others, will introduce with people the creation and development of this famous Nike shoe.

In the early period of time, NIKE only produced running shoes. Until 1973, Nike official began to enter into the market of the basketball shoe. At this year, NIKE had fantastic improved the design and outside appearance of CONVERSE canvas basketball shoes and then promoted their own Nike Blazer shoe which regarded "THE NEW WAY" as its designation concept.

Frankly speaking, the launching of this Nike Free shoes marked the first and most crucial step that NIKE entered into the market of basketball shoes in America. The huge Nike hook on the body surface of this famous Nike shoes made this Nike blazer particularly easy to be identified. However, people could not find the big Nike hook on some of Nike shoes and most of Nike shoe only marked by a particularly delicate small hook. This phenomenon is mainly because Nike's name has been loud enough and many imitated shoe manufacturer use the big Nike hook to produce their fake shoes.

But, at the time of the beginning of Nike's entering to basketball shoes market, its fame was not widely like today. In this case, the designers of Nike needed to take a properly measurement to express the feature of this Nike Free Run shoes and let everyone notice the difference between this Nike Blazer shoes and CONVERSE shoes. Since it was hard for them to make some breakthrough in style, they determined to make some breakthrough on the pattern of the shoes. That should be the officially origin of the Nike's huge hook. In a sense, this action was just like a down town woman who want to show the identity of the humble lady by wearing a terrible large ring. No matter what kind of sense, this pattern of Nike Blazer already becomes the classical mark of Nike brand.

The Nike Blazers shoes own a variety of styles. However, because the necessary demand for people to avoid the shock and ankle injury on the basketball playing ground, so the high ankle style of Nike Blazer shoes had been widely accepted and welcomed by basketball fans.

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