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The global biotechnology and pharmaceutical market have seen significant positive sentiments in the recent years, especially with innovation contributing to the availability of a range of new treatments for diseases.  With the trend continuing, the markets expect innovation and improved drugs therapies through novel target discovery and technology platforms. The market optimism is based on the continuity in the flow of innovative products, implementation of strategic decisions to improve cost efficiency, strengthen therapeutic leadership, and hedge against generic threats. The mature biotech market as well as the pharmaceutical markets in India, Japan, US have shown significant developments with regulatory changes, new patent approvals alongside an increased focus on R&D across the board.


In keeping with the global demand, Research on Global Markets come up with a host of premium reports on the latest developments across the pharmaceutical and biotech markets.  Some of the latest reports are now available in discounted packages to assist healthcare companies across geographies take more informed decisions.


Combination Offer: 5 Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Outlook Chapters

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Valid in April 2014

Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Outlook 2014: Mature Biotech

The detailed 72 pages report contains the detailed discussion of the key attributes of leading biotech companies Acorda, Alexion, Amgen, Biogen Idec, Celgene, Gilead, Regeneron and Vertex alongside a Macro Analysis of the performance of mature Biotech companies and drug approvals between 2012-15


Global Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Outlook 2014: Major US and EU

The report analyses of individual large cap companies, promising drug candidates in their late stage pipelines, competitive landscape, and important therapy areas where new innovation will create leadership, forecast for major marketed drugs where competition/ regulatory scenario will change the dynamics, and the potential impact of several important upcoming milestones on the industry.


Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Outlook 2014 - India Pharma

The report covers overall business and market growth for Indian companies, ParaIV filing, NCE pipeline and biosimilar and NDDS development, alongwith detailed coverage of Uniform Code on Sales and Marketing Practices in India, Biosimilar perspective for Indian markets and new drug discovery development in India.


Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Outlook 2014: JAPAN PHARMA

The 138 pages report contains the detailed discussion of Japan biopharmaceutical market and highlights the impact of 2014 price cuts on generic companies and innovator companies. The report contains a detailed discussion on key attributes (consolidation activities, potential of R & D pipeline candidates, generic threat in domestic Japan market etc) of leading Japanese innovator companies- Astellas, Chugai, Daiichi Sankyo, Dainippon Sumitomo, Eisai, Kyorin, Kyowa hakko Kirin, Mitsubishi Tanabe, Shionogi, Takeda and leading Japanese generic companies- Nippon Chemiphar, Sawai and Towa.


Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Outlook 2014: Rising Stars

The report highlights details on approval of new drugs, successful launches, maturing pipeline sustained the growth trajectory of biotech companies and focuses on innovation and improved drugs therapies implemented through novel target discovery and technology platforms that continue to flow from small research focused companies (Rising Stars, Rs. - non-profitable biotech companies) in coming years. The report further details the performance of select IPOs of 2013 and expected select drug launches of 2014/15.


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