Maryam Rajavi Predicts Imminent End of Iranian Regime

At a press conference to mark the annual gathering of Iranian in Paris, Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the organization, seemed to predict the imminent collapse of the mullahs’ regime in Iran. Speaking to reports from both French and English-language media, she outlined the problems facing the regime, and the opportunities that this presents for the resistance and the people of Iran as they suffer under the repression of the Mullahs regime.

“The regime’s crises will only intensify,” Rajavi remarked, elaborating that the greatest of these crisis is the “popular outrage of the Iranian people” and the rising tide of oppression. But Rajavi also placed the internal crises in the context of Iran’s position and apparent overreach in the Middle Eastern region. Some analysts acknowledge that Iranian involvement in the dual wars in Iraq and Syria may greatly affect the ability of Tehran to negotiate its influence in both nations. Already, forces from Shiite militias have been deferred from Syria to fight in Iraq.

Focusing on the Iraqi crisis, Rajavi stated that it presents a strategic crisis to the mullahs, “regardless of what happens next.” Her further remarks continued to underscore this sense of the inevitability of the Iranian regime’s weakening and ultimate fall. Before outlining the policy alternatives that her organization would demand for a new Iranian government, Rajavi declared that “a new period has started; the countdown for the regime has begun.”

On stage at the Iranian opposition rally, where he introduced Madame Rajavi, this same idea was reiterated by former New York City Rudy Guiliani, who observed that the Iranian regime is aware that it is always on the verge of being overthrown by the popular demands of its people, and that this is the driving force behind all of the regime’s policies of oppression.

By contrast, Rajavi’s statements to the press insisted, the Iranian resistance in general and the NCRI in particular would be “the driving force” and “the main player” behind any change within Iran.

Asked about the main message of that movement, Mrs. Rajavi simply highlighted the desire for regime change, and the demand that the world stand up with the Iranian people and the resistance movement that represents their interests and their rights to freedom and democracy.