What can you buy for £20 on a contactless Card?

Asda Money reveals the dizzying possibilities contactless payments bring to the table, from ‘waving’ debit cards to digital jewellery.

Contactless technology touched down in the UK in 2007(1), and while the most common form of contactless payment is currently cards, where customers can ‘wave’ their plastic over a card reader, the future holds an exciting array of innovative possibilities.

Experts say that anywhere people queue to pay could be hit with a new generation of contactless payments, from mobile transactions to digital jewellery.

Are credit cards going in the same direction as the dinosaurs?

Cards are already being pushed towards extinction territory with the ability to pay by mobile; indeed, some such products have already been launched in the technology market.

Experts have warned that cards could be obsolete by as early as 2020, as they are rapidly replaced by mobile phones and a variety of other personal technologies.

One of these is digital jewellery, which could involve holding a bracelet on your wrist up to a reader to pay for goods.

However, for now, contactless payment by card remains king, especially since many big retailers have bought into the technology, in turn raising consumer awareness.

According to figures from the Payments Council, there are currently 31.3 million credit and debit cards enabled with contactless technology and 144,000 contactless terminals in retailers including Boots, McDonald's and Ikea.

Staying safe with a purchase limit

The Payments Council recommends a £20 limit on transactions as extra protection from theft.

With this in mind, Asda Money suggests a few things you could purchase for £20 via contactless payment.

30ml eau de parfum: Treat yourself or a friend to Christina Aguilera by Night eau de parfum from Boots. If you fancy exuding ‘oriental floral’, this is the perfect purchase!

Seven Big Macs: And a coke. A beef-tastic (and calorific) lunch for £20. Tasty, but not hugely advisable – unless you’re lunching with six friends.

A flight: No-frills airlines such as easyJet and Ryanair offer seats for as little as £20 to an array of exciting European destinations.

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