BOULDER, Colorado — Noosa Pro Cyclocross and Oskar Blues Brewery are pleased to announce a new partnership for the 2015-2016 season. The professional cyclocross team led by Allen Krughoff and Meredith Miller will work closely with Oskar Blues Brewery and the CAN'd Aid Foundation as the team travels the world.

"Oskar Blues has always been an outdoorsy and healthy place to work and cycling is deeply ingrained in our culture," offers Oskar Blues' Director of Sponsorships, Diana Ralston. "Meredith and Allen are engaged, motivated and great representatives of the sport; they're a great fit with our, CAN'd Aid Foundation."

Started in the aftermath of the September 2013 floods of Colorado's Front Range, the focus of CAN'd Aid at inception was to help the people and businesses affected by the flood. In just two years the foundation has progressed from a concept, to a nonprofit with national reach through its “Treads + Trails”, “Tunes” and “Love Yer Mama” programs.

"Our mission with the team from the beginning was to work with as many local partners as possible," said Noosa Pro CX's Meredith Miller. "Signing Noosa Yoghurt was a huge step in that direction, but this year we wanted to find a beer sponsor and Oskar Blues was on the top of our list."

"If you've been to a 'cross race, you know that beer is an essential component of the event," added team co-owner Allen Krughoff. "We felt that by being based in the heart of one of the largest craft beer areas in the country, we would be a perfect platform to help get a great brewery in front of more people, and Oskar Blues brings so much more to the table than just great beer."

"When we sat down with Diana and we learned about the CAN'd Aid Foundation, we immediately sensed a good fit." Miller continued. "We're excited to help them with the CAN'd Aid Foundation and to help spread that message nationally."

The Noosa Pro CX riders, with the help of Victory Circle Graphix, will be wearing Giro Synthe helmets decaled with rotating graphics from the cans of Oskar Blues beer. Spectators at events will be able to join the CAN'd Aid Foundation's Crush it Crusade, and pledge to be a recycling crusader. New crusader recruits 21 and up will be rewarded with a sample of a cold Oskar Blues brew.

Allen and Meredith will also advance CAN’d Aid’s Treads + Trails programs by hosting clinics for children at the Oskar Blues Hops and Heifers Farm — the same farm where Allen and Meredith earned podium finishes during last Sunday's race. Dates have yet to be announced, but if attendance at the clinics Allen and Meredith hosted last season around the US are any indicator, the Oskar Blues clinics should be huge hits as well.

"Our brand is more than just a brewery, and Allen and Meredith are more than just athletes," said Ralston. "We have restaurants. We roast our own coffee and can our own cold brew coffee. There's so much to Oskar Blues that resonates beyond beer...although we're pretty proud of our beer. Having Allen and Meredith spreading the Oskar Blues story nationally will be a huge step, but more importantly, the work they do with children on and off the bike will be a massive asset to the CAN'd Aid Foundation."

Now off to the races!