Beaumont Fabrics Launches Free Fabric Sample Service

London – April 25, 2014. Beaumont Fabrics woos more customers by offering a free fabric sample service, allowing customers to take advantage of up to a maximum of six samples to help them in deciding which fabric they want to buy. This initiative is launched by the company in line with its aim to provide quality fabric for clients from all walks of life, may it be for residential or commercial use. Recent promos of the same calibre include a buy 5 meters get one free for certain materials which became effective earlier this month and offered exclusively online on eBay.


The world of designer upholstery and curtain fabrics continues to be in demand and has been so since the early days of human civilisation. Nowadays, the demand for such goods remain high as materials like curtain fabric, for instance, remain to be a common household necessity. Many suppliers choose to innovate by offering online services to cope with high demand from clients, and in a way to also make it more convenient for them. Purchasing curtain fabrics online, for example, is no longer that uncommon nowadays, accomplished with just a few clicks of a button and delivered straight to the address stated.


About Beaumont Fabrics


Beaumont Fabrics has been in the forefront of providing upholstery fabric of various styles, as well as designer fabric, for various purposes which include that for curtain fabric for many years now. Most of their curtain fabrics online could be ordered with just a few clicks of a button, and the client could rest assured that the designer fabric or upholstery fabric chosen would be shipped and delivered straight to the address provided.


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