Main Causes Of Premature Ejaculation

Many men worldwide suffer from impotence. Premature ejaculation is the second largest sexual dysfunction in men. You may first ask what premature ejaculation is. Some men lose control over ejaculation and ejaculate soon after inserting male into her genital passage. As a result, both the partners could not enjoy the love act. Some men lose their ejaculation in just 2 minutes. Actually a man should last for 5 minutes to offer intense orgasm to his female partner. Main causes of premature ejaculation include psychological and physical problems.

Some men are likely to ejaculate on penetrating a new female partner. It is natural. But in the subsequent love acts, you can control your ejaculate and offer enhanced sexual pleasure to your woman. Men, who fail to offer satisfaction to their women consistently, are likely to develop anxiety. Such men could not offer intense sexual orgasm to their girl friends. Therefore, depression, anxiety and guilt are main causes of premature ejaculation for some men.

Increased consumption of alcohol, smoking, strenuous exercises and work related stress also come under main causes of premature ejaculation. Other reasons for premature ejaculation include congested prostate gland, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, drug abuse and hypothyroidism. Some men are over excited in the foreplay. It also leads to premature ejaculation.

Discussing sexual problems between the partners and proceeding slowly will solve your sexual disorders. You are advised to focus on something else during the foreplay. It helps to control your ejaculate during the love act.

You need to give few seconds gap when you are about to reach the climax. You need to restart the love act after few seconds. It helps to prolong the love act without ejaculation. It is one of the best ways to offer memorable pleasure to your woman.

Thin condoms are available in the market. You can control your ejaculate through lower sensation in the love act.

You need to strengthen weak nerves in the penile region. Strengthened nerves and PC muscles offer control over your ejaculate. It is possible through intake of herbal remedies like Lawax capsules and Vital M-40 capsules. Proven Herbal ingredients in these herbal pills will ensure sufficient blood flow to your reproductive organs. It helps to correct weak nerves and control PE. Herbal remedies also improve testosterone levels. It improves sensation in your genitals. It also boosts your libido. It improves your quality sperm count and semen volume.

Vital M-40 capsules offer necessary stamina, energy and strength to perform longer in bed. Therefore, you are advised to consume both Lawax capsules and Vital M-40 capsules together to cure your sexual disorders like ED, impotence, excessive precum, nocturnal emissions and premature ejaculation.

You need to consume these herbal remedies for three to four months with water or milk regularly. It helps to relieve you from anxiety, stress and depression.

You are advised to consume foods rich in zinc, proteins and nutrients to cure your sexual disorders. You can choose your female partner on top position to prolong the love act without faster ejaculation.

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