Amphibious Landing Craft is Increasing Market Size in Various Reasons in World

According to market report, research associate, Aerospace and Defense business unit at MarketsandMarkets, 80%of total revenue in global amphibious landing craft market will come from military applications and the remaining 20% will be derived from commercial applications. The global amphibious landing craft market research report segments the global market on the basis of type of products on the basis of application and geography. It is estimated that. The report is classified across five main regions and market revenues are calculated with respect to each region. In this report, it is projected that the market will grow but there would not be a significant change in global market size in the forecast period.

This report highlights the major regions where market size will increase for the global amphibious landing craft in the forecast period, registering a significant change in the market size. It is expected that countries from the Middle East and APAC region will spend a significant amount on domestic production and global procurement of different classes of landing craft.

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This report also highlights the major spenders with their market value in the global amphibious landing craft market. It also indicates the countries from different regions, which will experience a decrease in their market size because of certain restraints and challenges such as defense budget cuts, export import regulations, and acts, mismanagement of procurements projects, and political factors which can hamper the growth prospect in global amphibious landing craft market.

This report presents the profile of different major players from different regions in the global amphibious landing craft market with their key products and recent developments. The key players profiled in this report are Textron Marine and Land Systems, Griffon Hoverworks Limited, CNIM, Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding Company and Almaz Shipbuilders

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The most important purposes of a fleet in war are to keep the coastline of its own nation free from attackers so that they can help in securing the nation from intruders and maintaining freedom of trade. It becomes imperative to maintain amphibious units who have the skills and competencies to carry out an amphibious assault when required. These requirements and specifications have driven the development of the amphibious landing craft market.

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According to Nadeem Ahmad, research associate, Aerospace and Defense business unit at MarketsandMarkets, the global amphibious landing craft market is projected to be $10,750.20 million in 2014 and it is expected to reach t $10,878.80 million by 2019. The potential growth regions will be the Middle East followed by the APAC region. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, China, Russia and Japan will experience a significant growth in their market share.

The LCAC market holds higher market share as compared to LCM and LCU market. On the other hand, the LCM market is expected to experience a significant increase in its market share in the forecast period due to technological up gradation and increased demand for light and faster landing crafts which are categorized under the LCM segment.

The growth prospect for this market will be steady in the North American and European regions with no significant changes in market share due to decreasing revenues from military expenditure as the countries in these regions have decreased their military expenditure. However, the growth prospect for this particular market will be higher in APAC and Middle East region compared to other regions including North America and Europe. The reason for growth is increased spending by several defense forces in these regions on procuring and manufacturing landing crafts to enhance their amphibious competencies. The defense forces are undergoing a modernization phase, which would further help in strengthening their skills and capabilities.

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