Elegant Undersink Boilers With Lifetime Warranty By Clean And Clear Water Filters

Clean And Clear Water Filters, a leading filtration solutions provider,offers an elegant addition to your kitchen with undersink boilers. The company talks about their services on their website.

[Perth, 6/04/2014] – Clean And Clear Water Filters, a leading filtration solutions provider, gives clients an alternative for kettles. They offer elegant undersink boilers, which are practical additions to any kitchen.  The company features an Insinkerator boiler and a Hydra Master Boiler, designed to filter boiling water as well as enhance the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

Insinkerator Boilers

According to Clean And Clear Water Filters, a reliable undersinkboiler is the perfect fit for the filtration solutions needed at home, in school,or even at the workplace. With free-of-charge installation, they provide clients with an Insinkerator boiler that producesfiltered cool and hot water. The hot lever automatically shuts off to reduce energy consumption. The cool lever of the boiler, on the other hand, remains switched on for a constant supply of cold water.

Apart from the boiler’s function, it also provides a modern and stylish touch to the kitchen. There are 12 different finishes of the Insinkerator boiler, including almond, chrome, polished nickel, oil rubbed bronze, matte black, and French gold.

Hydra Master Boiler

With dedication to craftsmanship, the company offers convenience and functionality in a single boiler, the Hydra Master boiler. This type of boiler has a simple yet classy design that provides filtered boiling water at the touch of a button. Ensuring the clients’ welfare, the company designed the Hydra Master boiler with a tasteful multifunctional chrome faucet that incorporates a childproof safety feature.

The purification specialist discusses that this type of boiler can also be used with a 3 Series Clean And Clear Solution to provide a constant supply of both hot and cold drinking water.

Lifetime Warranty

Clean And Clear Water Filters includes a lifetime warranty with all of their products upon installation. Taps, tubing, and fitting are also covered by the warranty services. Their team of experienced technicians ensures the safety and functionality of their installations and products. They also offer free-of-charge repair solutions when clients report a malfunction in the system or a defect in the product.


Clean And Clear Water Filters, a leading purification specialist, provides professional filtration systems through quality boilers and functional faucets and coolers. They service the greater Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong areas, offering a competitive price. With the commitment to high standards, they also offer repair services on all brands.

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