YallaSpree, the revolutionary new digital shopping assistant, is now available for download on the Apple App Store and the Android market

Navigate your way through the shopping season with a new app that acts as a store navigator and connects you to other shoppers.

Dubai – July 1, 2016

YallaSpree is a unique mobile app and website that aims to elevate the shopping experience for users across Dubai and other emirates in UAE. This shopping buddy is on call 24/7 allowing shoppers to locate stores, share purchase photos and write reviews about stores and their collections.

YallaSpree can be used to find any store in Dubai easily whether it is a stand-alone boutique or a store in a shopping mall. Users can also search for a particular product e.g. Furniture stores and get access to the entire range of stores in Dubai selling furniture.

“We came up with this idea because we realized that shopping needed to be more dynamic”, says Hemanth Avvas, Co-Founder of Spree Solution LLC, the company that developed YallaSpree. He adds, “You want to go shopping for a bag and can only think of a handful of places where you can find it. Now imagine you could just pick up your phone, type in what you want to buy and your budget and more than 30 results come up. Isn’t that much more exciting? You’ll know exactly which stores to hit without wasting time in the wrong stores. Or maybe you’re looking for a particular store and find the mall’s website tedious to use. Open up YallaSpree and you know where you have to go in seconds.”

Beyond being a navigator, YallaSpree also allows users to write and read reviews about stores, discover the latest sales and offers, follow other shoppers’ activities and upload their own purchase pictures. With some amazing shopping events like GITEX, Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) and Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), Dubai is the perfect city for the app.

Sandeep Kumar, Co-founder and CEO, YallaSpree, says “People love to be connected. Whether it’s on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. And shopping is such an engaging experience. Through YallaSpree we’re encouraging everyone to share what they’ve shopped with other people. Show off a purchase, rate their favorite store and even make a wish list of their most wanted items to buy that others can look at for gift ideas. The whole point is to take the stress out of shopping and make it fun again.”

”According to him the company also plans to add more features to the app within the coming months including an Indoor Navigation that allows users to navigate within in a mall from store to store. Also some cool social features like Opinions, where you can upload a product and your friends and followers can suggest you whether to buy it or not. YallaSpree is public now and can be accessed on 

YallaSpree iOS App and YallaSpree Android App, both are available for free download.