Kirana Conducts All-Important First Aid Training

[LIVERPOOL, January 29, 2014] – Kirana, the principal brand of its Registered Training Organisations; Kirana Training Pty Ltd, Access Training Institute Pty Ltd and Maxis Solutions Pty Ltd will be conducting First Aid training courses this January to be held at their national head office in Liverpool, New South Wales. The organisation aims to equip individuals with the right set of skills and basic knowledge. This will allow them to provide first aid response, support, and casualty management prior to the arrival of medical professionals.This training is in line with Kirana’s mission of giving people practical skills to make a difference in society.

Two-Day First Aid Training

Kirana wants to start the year on a positive note by launching a First Aid training course in their main office in Liverpool.The training will be held on January 14th from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., and will conclude on January 21st scheduled at the same time. According to the respected institute, they still have spots available for the two-day course, which costs only $80 (special for NSW only).

The course is set to provide in-depth knowledge on the basics of delivering first aid effectively at almost any given circumstance. They share that the practical skills attendees will acquire is useful for the rest of their lives. Kirana adds that taking part in this training is a great opportunity to help save lives in times of emergency, and become an important member of their community.

A Variety of Courses Offered

Apart from launching events, the institute offers a range of certification courses recognised countrywide.The company has three registered training organisations and an array of training locations across Australia; helping students get skills with up-to-date industry standard and achieve a high level of competence in their chosen field. Kirana provides the following courses:

•    Retail
•    Disability
•    Aged Care
•    Children’s Services (Early Childhood Education & Care)
•    Community Services
•    Business and Management
•    Warehousing and Transport

They provide a “study now and pay later” option for current students, and payment and financial assistance to future students and university pathways  in a select number of courses.

About Kirana

Kirana is an established group of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) comprising of Kirana Training Pty Ltd, Access Training Institute Pty Ltd and Maxis Solutions Pty Ltd. Through these RTOs  Kirana provides nationally recognised Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma level training and education across the country.The institute takes pride in delivering world-class education through their high completion rates, yearly organic business growth and employment outcomes for their graduates.

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