Apovoe Offers 12 Flavors of E-Liquid

The benefits of switching from a traditional cigarette to an e cig at are numerous. Though each product contains nicotine, the ecig at does not produce smoke, nor does it contribute to tar buildup in the lungs, stain teeth, or cause offensive breath. Priced at approximately 10% of the cost of a pack of their traditional counterparts, vapor cigarettes at are also easier on the wallet. But despite the many advantages of switching to electronic cigarettes, it can be difficult to find a reliable source for purchasing the e-cigarette equipment needed, not to mention that flavors of the e-liquid, the solution of nicotine and common food additives used in the smokeless devices, can be limited in variety.

Apovoe, the low-price leader in electronic cigarettes, presents a clear solution. Apovoe’s kits contain everything the customer needs, including the USB adapter cables, batteries, carrying case, and other accessories that many providers fail to incorporate. Available kits are described in-depth on Apovoe’s website, and a thoroughly researched FAQ section ensures customers feel comfortable with the products offered. Committed to improving customer experience in every way possible, Apovoe is now thrilled to deliver a selection of 12 flavors of e-liquid, from tobacco flavors formulated to mimic leading cigarette brands to fruit flavors like apple and blueberry.

Apovoe has the latest electronic cigarette technology, the variety of e-liquid flavors, and the unbeatable prices to accommodate any consumer’s vaping needs.

About Us:

Family owned and operated, Apovoe guarantees the lowest price on electronic cigarettes anywhere in the nation. The Virginia-based company specializes in a wide selection of complete e-cigarette kits and a variety of 12 e-liquid flavors.

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