Riverton Museum Hosts Adventure Trek to Miner's Delight

Gold was discovered in the Southern Wind River Mountains in 1867.  Prospectors poured into the South Pass area to seek there fortunes.  Miner's Delight was one of the communities to spring to life as a result of the influx of people. Today the remains of the once booming community are held in arrested decay and are a reminder of the boom and bust of gold mining history.  

The Riverton Museum will host a Wind River Visitor's Council Adventure Trek to Miner's Delight on Friday July 31st.  Meet at the Riverton Museum at 700 East Park Ave for a bus ride to the area.  Call the Riverton Museum at 307-856-2265 to reserve your spot and get details regarding the trek.  Make sure to bring sturdy walking shoes, plenty of water, sunscreen and a sack lunch.