The companies have worked hard to provide people with portable electrical device called pulse oximeter for measuring arterial oxygen saturation level and human heart rate in humans accurately without any risk. People are able to get best and accurate results about their heart beat and oxygen saturation level in their body within few seconds. This has lead to an exponential increase in the market of pulse oximeter on global as well as local aspects in 2016. The device is purposely designed by scientists and experts to serve experts and professionals and the people to get help in their medical treatments.

The electrical portable device is equipped with probe or clip like structures which may be clipped on finger tips, earlobes or toe fingers in case of infants to measure heart rate and oxygen level at the same time by sending infrared light. The easy handling and usage has made pulse oximeter as the one of the most demanding products in the medical market as per yearly survey of 2016. It is very necessary for the doctors to measure oxygen level and heart rate while performing surgeries and dosing of anesthesia because in case there is unusual changes in oxygen level and heart rate, the person can be in severe danger of suffering from heart attack heart failure or any type of attack leading to even death. Pulse Oximeter serves as the best option to keep and eye on the current reading and assist the doctors and experts to take necessary actions when required.

The usage pulse oximeter is very easy and with wireless technology, experts are able to keep an eye on the patients at remote level before it can be too late to take necessary actions. The easy portability and long batter life has made it very easy for experts to adopt the device for safe and secure environment to patients without any risky treatment. The service that the pulse oximeter serves is what, that has lead to create its special paced reserved before going for any surgery and medical treatment.