Connell Communications and SPLURGE Boutique launch The Point of Style

DES MOINES, IOWA (October 28, 2014) – Connell Communications has partnered with high-style women’s clothing boutique, SPLURGE Boutique, on a concept unique to the nation. The preeminent marketing and PR firm has joined with the clothing boutique to help women in America take back control of their image.

The partnership stemmed from the same core belief – that all women are phenomenal. As leaders in communications and corporate fashion, the two companies have come together to help redefine beauty, confidence and self-worth in today’s modern woman.

“It has become increasingly clear that women across the nation need help understanding the power of a positive professional image and the definition of true confidence of character,” said Alyssa Connell, CEO of Connell Communications.

This partnership called, The Point of Style, showcases the concept that every woman can be beautiful and confident in their own skin, no matter what size is on her label. “I have styled hundreds of women and one thing we see time and again – women automatically tear themselves down when standing in front of a mirror,” said Lisa Coots-Schooley, Owner of SPLURGE Boutique. “We’re going to fix that by redefining beauty, one woman at a time. That’s The Point of Style.”

The companies will host Phenomenal Women workshops for businesses to help female employees understand the importance and value of professional image, appropriate work attire and dressing for the correct body type.

In addition, The Point of Style will feature informative blog posts, photo sessions and webinars with practical and purposeful information for the everyday executive. “We know SPLURGE Boutique offers something unique to our clients, guiding the way they feel about themselves with more confidence,” said Coots-Schooley. “Together with the Connell Communications team and their vast marketing resources, we have created something that hasn’t been done. And, we’re very proud to launch it.”

“So often, we put ourselves on the backburner. We give to our bosses, our careers, our kids, our spouses, our communities and our homes,” said Connell. “And, at the end of the day – what little time is left is given to tasks and chores.”

“Convenience is our outfit of choice and we view our Pinterest pages of beautiful, organized beauty with longing and loathing for a life that seems so far out of our reach,” said Coots-Schooley. “But, with a little guidance and an injection of confidence, women can take back that control and feel phenomenal again.”

For more information about scheduling a Phenomenal Women Workshop or to learn more about this joint partnership, please visit

About Lisa Coots-Schooley and SPLURGE Boutique

Lisa Coots-Schooley knows two things: women and business. Her life’s mission is to change the way the world and women think of beauty. Resonating from the inside out, Lisa wants every woman in America to have a feeling of self-worth and confidence. Lisa’s love of people and passion for creativity came full circle in 1994 when she purchased a highly-reputable photography studio in Eastern Iowa.

She ran her full-service studio until 2010, when she relocated her business to Cedar Rapids, the second largest city in Iowa. At that time, she expanded her service offerings and added a high-end clothing boutique. This allowed her to combine her skills in photography with styling woman of all ages and sizes.

SPLURGE has been the voice, and go to boutique in fashion, for one of Cedar Rapids’ largest published magazines. And in 2013, SPLURGE Boutique was voted Cedar Rapids’ number one boutique in the Creative Corridor.   

About Alyssa Connell and Connell Communications

Alyssa Connell, CEO of Connell Communications, has traveled the nation observing women in business for more than a decade. It has become increasingly clear to her that women need help understanding the power of perception and the importance of bringing out the beauty resonating within.

A lifestyle change in 2009 led Alyssa to win one of the nation’s first successful social media fitness challenges for working mothers. Through that competition and makeover, she now fully understands full-circle the struggles of weight loss and body image and the power this plays in embracing your true identity.

Alyssa aims to take her resources in marketing, PR and social media and combine it with her thirst to help professional women redefine their sense of beauty and self-worth. Through all forms of communication, she believes women will start to change their behavior. Through diligence and effort, the culture of the corporate woman will be restored to one of pride and high-class.

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