Irobot Vacuum Reviews 2014: Save on the Best Robot Vacuums- iRobot Scooba and Roomba Vacuum

iRobot designs and manufactures robots that makes your life easier. iRobot was built with the vision of making a difference in as many ways as possible and it has achieved the goal of making robots a practical reality. Check out our iRobot Vacuum reviews and make the difference:

The company builds robots for many different purposes and has offices in leading cities of the world like California, the United Kingdom, China and Hong Kong. iRobot is a pioneer in the robot industry and has a drive for the latest innovations, technology, and dreams of ushering a new era fueled by the advent of robots for all intentions and purposes.

iRobot STEM is a unique program that inspires students to choose the field of robotics via online resources, classroom visits, demonstrations, lectures, podcasts, group tours, workshops and more. iRobot remains pledged to the field of robotics and technology and uses many platforms for inventions and discoveries so that key partnerships are formed that improves the quality of everyday and professional life, worldwide.

iRobot provides robots with different agendas, and with new technology and revolutionary research, the robots are streamlined to do their jobs efficiently. There are three important fields in which iRobot offers its most sophisticated innovations. They are:

iRobot Home Robots: iRobot offers home robots that clean for you, inside and out, wherever you want. Millions of home robots have been sold all over the world. The Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot is the best robot vacuum and the favorite among consumers.  Roomba was the prototype of all practical home-cleaning robots and showed the world that robots are here to stay, because you need them. Some of the other iRobot’s home robots include iRobot Scooba Floor Scrubbing Robot, Braava Floor Mopping Robot, Mirra Pool Cleaning Robot and the Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot.

iRobot Defense and Security: iRobot offers many robots built specifically defense and security missions and perform many useful tasks for troops and public safety professionals.  Thousands of iRobots have served the military and defense system and still continue to do so. iRobot PackBot is one of the most successfully tested battle robots in the world and has performed thousands of dangerous searches, recon and bomb-disposal missions. Other iRobot’s military products include the iRobot FirstLook and the iRobot Warrior.

iRobot Remote Presence: iRobot is coming up with new platforms like the Ava mobile robotics to come up with innovations for new demands and markets. Ava delivers autonomous tele-presence to enterprise markets. It enables remote workers to stay in touch, personally, with all members of the workforce. FDA has approved the RP-VITA telemedicine robot that expands medical reach by connecting doctors with their patients anytime and anywhere in the world.

iRobot supports and encourages new designs and developments in the field of robotics and provides useful information and resources for other developers. iRobot partners with other developers and companies belonging to government agencies, academic institutions and big business franchises to create and distribute new products. iRobot comes up with inventive research to meet the demands and needs of its sponsors with integrated robotics solutions. iRobot also collaborates with academic research and laboratories, businesses, and other innovators to put together world-class products. For more info about vacuum cleaner reviews and discounts on iRobot’s different products, please visit now.