No 1 Garage Conversions Durham

The garage is often an under-used space. By converting it to an extra room you can obtain all the supplementary space that you need. It might seem like an impossible task, but people like the experienced team from No 1 Garage Conversions Hartlepool can make this project simple and rewarding. They provide the best quality of services when it comes to garage conversions Durham at the most competitive prices!

It can be pointless to move to a new house when you need just an extra room. The real estate market is quite stagnant nowadays and that makes it quite difficult to find an affordable solution if you want to sell or buy a property. Instead, you can find the perfect solution in your own home. No 1 Garage Conversions Hartlepool, an expert in home conversions, has some great ideas for you.

Few people actually use the garage nowadays. However, when they need additional space, the first thing they consider is turning the attic into a new upper story. But not all the houses can fit a mansard and this kind of project can be more expensive. Besides that, an attic is not necessarily big enough to supply the extra space that you need so much. On the other side, the garage is usually big enough to become a comfortable room.

No matter if you have a car or not, you can give up to the garage anytime. Few cars actually need to be kept inside a built space to be protected. And you have to admit it: perhaps you don’t even use the garage to hold your car indoors, but to store many of the objects that would otherwise become trash. If you decide to convert it, you will finally make the big step to get rid of all these useless stuff.

Why should you make this step? Simply because you can have any type of room you need and the costs are very affordable. You can even have your own wine cellar or a personal home office. Or, in case you already have some unused workout equipment, you can create a gym and start training! The list of ideas is endless. Your garage can become anything: an additional bedroom for the expanding family, a comfortable lounge with big walls of glass, an eco-friendly greenhouse, a personal home-cinema or even a multi-functional room.

No 1 Garage Conversions Durham can help you achieve any of these wonderful results. The quality of their projects has brought smiles on many people’s faces during the years and they continue to set the standards higher. The prices of the services provided by No 1 Garage Conversions Hartlepool are highly competitive too, even though the materials used by them as well as the workmanship are not compromised by that.

The experienced team from No 1 Garage Conversions Hartlepool is also specialized in general constructions and any kind of electrical wiring and rewiring. No matter the type of house project you have, No 1 Garage Conversions Durham will be glad to make it come to life!