Platinum Business Inertnational - How To Become A Millionaire Entrepreneur

Cole Wyatt Davis has had the millionaire mindset since he was a young boy.  Cole Wyatt Davis is the author of a top selling business book “It’s A Secret” and he shares some of the key points of becoming a millionaire entrepreneur in his book with his audience in Dallas, Texas.  Cole Wyatt Davis was talking to a sold out crowd with no fluff and facts right between the eyes about what is in his book. He talks about how he clawed his way up the ladder in life and learned very valuable skill sets by being fluid and always willing to learn, adapt and overcome everything in his path. Even when there was no more energy, money, or emotional limits to go on.

  1. Cole said, “The first key element you need to do is brace yourself, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  It is like being scared of heights and sitting on a ledge dangling your feet off it.  The most important part is that you’re ok with it while inside your mind, body and spirit you are freaking out.  With wealth comes a whole new way of looking at things and responsibilities most people have no clue about.”
  2. You have to get rid of all your poverty thinking at all cost.  Going from not really having money to having a large amount of money is a huge difference.  If you’re not ready for wealth it will impact your life in a major negative way.
  3. There is a major difference between receiving a large one-time sum of money that made you become wealthy and having a residual income that you built yourself. In most cases if people did not earn the wealth themselves they will not know how to duplicate the process that made the money and they will just spend it. Remember money grows money.

Joan Miles of Phoenix, Arizona said, “Cole covered about 30 major topics about what it takes to have a solid foundation to be able to make your wealth and keep it.  He was dynamic and very much to the point.  He didn’t pull any punches.  I thought it was very refreshing to hear the truth for once and not have it sugar coated.” 

Ted Marks of Dallas, Texas said, “The Man was on point the entire time.  I was glued to the edge of my seat the whole seminar.  I learned a lot of major key points.  I have real money but there was a lot I didn’t even know.”  He is one sharp guy.

Lorie from Houston, Texas said, “Wow it was a lot of information in a short amount of time, but it was well worth the 300 mile trip.”

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