How to Choose a Wine Barrel

Barriles are just as important as grapes when making wine. It seems that the type of wood used in making the barrel can actually have a strong impact on the aroma of the wine. Oak is the only wood that produces positive effects on the texture, aroma and complexity of the wine.

Are you passionate about wine and you wanted to learn more about making it? Then you should know that it is not only the grapes that make the wine the way it is, but also the barril de vino utilized in the process of aging it. From this point of view, specialists recommend using barriles made of oak wood. Historically, winemakers have used many different types of barrels, until they eventually discovered that only the ones made with oak were providing positive results.

The main reason why oak is an essential element in wine making is the fact that it has some special components that mix with responsive types of wines, which take a special flavor. These components are the vanillin and the wood tannins and they don’t give only a perfect aroma, but they also contribute to the body and complexity of the wine.

Of course, specialists have found that not only the type of wood itself is relevant in wine making, but also the size and the age of the barrel. Even though people have been using small wooden barrels for centuries, recent discoveries have shown that using new oak barrels are much more effective and produce a positive result. It is not one hundred percent sure why does this type of barrels help, but it seems that the process of aging wine in oak is definitely improved.

There are a few elements that make oak barriles more suitable for your wine. First of all, you must take in consideration the size of the barrels. It has been proven that small ones are more effective than large ones. Also, the amount of toasting given to the barrel when it is manufactured must be chosen according to the variety of the wine and the aroma that is wanted by the wine maker.

Of course, not all types of wines of wines need to be oaked. But if you happen to prepare red wines like Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo or Chianti and white wine varieties such as Pinot Blanc, Semillon, Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, it is recommended to take advantage of the benefits of using an oak barril de vino. Keep in mind that these are the most expensive types of wine in the world and it is the oak the one that makes the real difference. It is a crucial element and often overlooked because of its benefits.

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