New Film Attempts to Promote Faith on the Big Screen

This new indie faith-based film was not just created to entertain but also to promote religion and Christian beliefs.

30-06-2014 - The Streets of Harvest is a new independent film directed and written by Fred Keel, staring Ada Perez, Kalina de Moura, Carl Bailey, Joshua Briscoe and Jency Allison Weeks and is being produced by Ocean Rising Productions, an independent production company from Dallas, Texas. The crime drama follows two Christian detectives who are on the hunt for a killer in a city where the crime rates have risen to an all time high. Their search leads them to one of the biggest drug lords in America. During the movie, one of the main character's faith is constantly being put to the test. They will need to rely on a higher power in order to help them get through this terribly difficult situation.

The main motivation behind the creation of Streets of Harvest was to help increase awareness of various Christian churches and religions in the general public. Studies have shown music, movies and other various forms of entertainment are more effective at delivering a message than any other form of communication or advertising.

Though the film does have a large faith-based undertone, it is not meant to be just a promotion of the Christian faith but also to entertain the public. According to director Fred Keel, " This film is not a preachy, “ slam the gospel in your face ” type of film.  Instead, we’re trying to create a murder/mystery story that has our main characters caught in a dark circumstance and ultimately seek guidance from a higher authority. ".

In order to finish production of the movie, the group is looking for funding to purchase lighting equipment, sound, props, renting facilities for locations and other various costs. They have started a crowdfunding campaign on the website Indeigogo in order to raise the funds. Contributors who choose to donate will be rewarded with various perks. Contributions start as low as $5 and can go as high as $2,000 .

The film began pre-production in January of this year and is scheduled to be finished on December 31st, 2014 with an estimated budget of only $5,000 to $6,000. The films release date greatly depends on whether or not the production company can get the funding that is needed to complete the project. These dates and times are regularly updated on their IMDB page.

About The Streets of Harvest and Fred Keel

Fred Keel is an actor, film maker and the owner of Ocean Rising Productions from Dallas Texas. He is the main force behind the Streets of Harvest movie, a Christian faith-based crime/drama. The goal that he and his team have is to raise awareness of the Christian faith and values without force feeding it with preachy tactics. He is currently looking for funding for the production of the film and various filming costs. For more information about this project visit their Indiegogo page .