It's Recess Time: Momma Strong Hosts For-Moms-Only Getaways

It's recess time - for a group of moms who know when it's time to call time out.

Momma Strong, a Houston-based fitness, health and lifestyle company, hosts a few "recesses" each year - for-mothers-only getaways that allow women time and space to recharge, as well as some help along the way.

Founder Courtney Wyckoff explains that to stay strong women need to take time out to play. "Sometimes the missing link to your overall wellness is taking time for fun and allowing your body space to play," she said. "You can bring back energy, resilience and spontaneity to your life by hitting a reset button - and we want to help facilitate that change."

The fitness club's next recess is planned for May 13 to May 17 on the West Coast at the Marconi Conference Center, 30 minutes outside of San Francisco. A limited amount of spots are still available. Activities will include workouts, group adventures, workshops, panels, group meals and one-on-one consultations with team leaders, who include a chiropractor, psychotherapist and corrective exercise specialist.

Another retreat is planned for Sept. 23 through Sept. 27 on the East Coast in Cape Cod.

Wyckoff says both trips are designed to be restorative - and promise to be full of fun adventures, time socializing with extraordinary women, individualized attention and full support, all in a beautiful location. "One of our main goals is to provide guidance on how you can apply what you learn to your everyday life," she said. "Sometimes you need a little recess before you can get any work done."

Wyckoff is a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, with 14 years experience in the field of fitness, nutrition and injury prevention and treatment.  After an injury forced her to retire from a professional ballet career, she began an in-depth research of biomechanical performance and jump started her career in wellness.

Later, after becoming a mother herself eight years ago, she applied this research to women's health, resulting in specializations in pelvic stabilization, core integration and postpartum resiliency training.

Wyckoff founded Momma Strong in 2011 and today there are more than 5,000 members worldwide. For more information about Momma Strong and Recess, visit