Rapper Lighta Talks About New Single 'Katy Perry' And The Beef With Rapper Lil B "The Basedgod”


Atlanta, GA (May 25, 2014) - Rapper Lighta has come up with the new single “Katy Perry”. This is going to be released on May 27th 2014. Lighta also communicates the beef between him and rapper Lil B.

Adrien Pittman is a well-known up and coming rapper from Chicago, Illinois (Cook-County). That’s getting a lot of buzz in 2014. Currently Adrien is living in Atlanta GA. He has performed at Orange Crush, in the last month. This was one of the biggest events of Savanna GA. His new singleKaty Perry was produced by Jake and the Hot Rod. Hot Rod  is the same producer of hits like, 5 Star Chick" from Rapper Yo Gotti and 5 star Chick remix with Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, Trina & Nicki Minaj. Hot Rod also is the producer for many other top artist. "L.I.G.H.T.A" that stands for "Live-ILL-&-Go-Hard-Til, Absent. Lightais starting to have huge performances all over ATL.

Lighta is currently highlighting the hit single “Katy Perry”. This is a new single release. People, who are fond of raw rap music, would definitely appreciate "Lighta Warfare 3”, his upcoming Mixtape. This is pure raw rap, with a unique combination of unheard sounds from the Mixtape. Lighta is becoming a well-known personality throughout the Atl, Chicago and other parts of the south east and west areas.

Rapper Lil B tried to copy his composition of Katy Perry. He tried to put a similar hook in this copied version. But the rest of the songs of this album were not found to be good by the audience. Those songs sounded like, the rapper might have brought them together to speed up the process and rush it out.

Rap music lovers are found to be amazingly happy with this new release. People have always appreciated Lighta, for this unparallel line of creative, which is found to be unique and amazing. The lyrics of Lighta have always inspired his fans.

The news of this rapper music release has created a huge buzz among the underground scene. Laura is a die heart fan of Lighta. She comments, “I am crazy about Lighta song Katy Perry. His music gets me turned up, in the best possible way. There are numerous rappers, available in the market, but no on impresses me the way Lighta does. I love his word play and the depth of his lyrics. My car radio is full of his rap music but I am thrilled with the news of his new single Katy Perry release. I would definitely like to collect this new single from ITunes. In fact, I can’t wait until his mixtape or album come out so I can send it to a couple of friends as well.”

Lighta is a well-known up and coming rapper. His new single Katy Perry is going to be released of 27th May, 2014. For more details please visit  

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