Integrated Fitness Program Designed to Motivate and Promote Fitness

Summary: Physical health isn’t just related to how a body performs or reacts, it is a way of the human’s mind responding to many factors affecting his life. In order to perform one’s purpose in life the physical and mental states need to be in harmony with each other.

5 May, 2014; Vancouver, BC: A physically fit body implies discipline, determination and the yearning to be better in all walks of life. Fitness revolves around a whole span of being at par with social changes, mental strength and the ability to perform a task better than other.

Studeo 55 offers Personal Training Vancouver to anyone wanting to make their life better by achieving a level of fitness. The fitness centre has a team of highly trained Personal Trainers Vancouver has in store.

The program is structured to train either in one-on-one settings, small group setting or group settings depending on a client’s preference. The program formats has many things in common which tests’ a person’s effort, practice manners, progression in the program, inspiration to perform better, science and coaching from experts.

The Fitness Programs:

1-         Cross Fit Fitness Training

Cross fit is not just any work out activity it is more of a lifestyle in which the individual is prioritizing his health before anything else. The program gives a person the ability to do many different things at high levels of intensity as it motivates, inspires and drives someone beyond the norm.

The program provides a team atmosphere where members encourage and strengthen one another to strive better as an individual. The workout sessions aren’t anything sort of a normal gym workout; it is intense, rewarding and unpredictable.

2-         Integrated Health Group

The program offers health care services like Acupuncture, Active Release Technique, Custom Orthotics, Vitamin Injection, Food Intolerance Testing and, Manual Therapy.  The Integrated team consists of a physiotherapist, chiropractor, two registered massage therapists, two naturopathic doctors, and a dietitian.


What the training facility offers:

1-         A 13,000 square foot indoor training facility to provide a world class fitness experience for members.

2-         A swanky décor, unique lighting, and top-notch equipment.

3-         Friendly front end staff, laundry services, and a fully integrated health group comprising of physiotherapist, dietitian, chiropractor, registered massage therapist, and naturopath to help members in every field of fitness.

About Us: Studeo 55 is a unique facility that offers its members a combination of the best workout program formats. The trainers integrate exercise programs that instills a team spirit in everyone mind to push each other to perform better.

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