As The Cause Of Cellulite Is Still Unknown

Muscles, which lose tone with age, also help to create a wrinkled appearance.

As the cause of cellulite is still unknown, many treatments have been developed based on these theories described above.

On the next page, learn how exercise can be an excellent treatment. How is your cellulite?

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Newspaper of the European Association of Dermatology published a table, in May 2009, to show different degrees of cellulite.

Both were drawn to several questions about the nature of the irregularity of the skin, cellulite how long it took to appear, etc..

Generally, if part of the body with cellulite looks like a cottage cheese, it is

Considered an important commitment If the skin is only slightly irregular like an orange peel, is considered light [source: Saint Louis].

Exercises to combat cellulite

Combined with a good diet exercise can reduce cellulite. The body will not get rid of the fat cells that cause cellulite, but weight loss significantly reduces the fat.

Weight gain tends to become more visible cellulite and body fat reduction does the opposite.

Combined with weight training Aerobic exercises help reduce fat, tone muscles and increase metabolism [source:

These actions can help reduce the pressure that causes cellulite under the skin. The exercises are especially important for women regarding aging that naturally lose muscle mass and whose metabolism becomes slower. Ideally are aerobic exercises like running, cycling or dancing for at least three hours and forty-five minutes per week (total).