Aspida Advisory In Baltimore Offers Financial And Estate Planning Services

Baltimore MD, 14-APRIL-2014 - Aspida Advisory and Shawn T.Barberis, CEO of the  Baltimore MD Retirement Income Planning firm is pleased to announce that a full complement of financial and estate planning services are available to clients. In addition to the standard services, Aspida offers some solutions that are unique. These solutions address your areas of concern for specific projects, general income or estate planning.

CEO of Aspida Advisory, Shawn Barberis explained the unique components of the firm. "Our fiduciary advice is fee-only. The planning processes are proprietary in nature. Our fiduciary insurance division is a unique company element. Finally, our firm is research-based. We have found that our clients appreciate the difference in the professional services we offer."

"We can customize the services for any of our clients" he explains. "Some of the components include the R. I. S. K. Process, which is a full retirement income planning process. It is easy to simplify retirement planning when you have the tools we provide. The processes are effective in planning for and achieving the small steps that help make for a successful result. We help clients build and implement a personal retirement income survival kit."

The advisors create a detailed cash flow analysis that maps out a process to help clients achieve their goals for retirement income. The plan may even be able to protect clients from unplanned events that can derail a less-carefully prepared financial pathway.

The services of Aspida Risk are employed to help clients make better and more informed choices. Clients are provided with suggestions, but the final decisions are up to the individual.

Learn more about the products and services that are available for retirement planning by going to the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press notice are encouraged to contact the company at the location offered below.

Contact Person Name: Shawn T. Barberis, CEO
Company Name: Aspida Advisory