Certificate of Good Standing Filing Service from MyCorporation

MyCorporation assists clients in acquiring a certificate of good standing through their filing services. This is only one of the company’s services that ensure the legitimacy of a client’s business.

[CALABASAS, CA, January 17, 2014]—As a response to the increasing need for services that maintain business legitimacy, MyCorporation offers a certificate of good standing filing service. This is possible through the company’s registration scheme with the appropriate authorities.

Certificates of good standing ensure that businesses are running in line with the existing community rules and policies. In its most basic sense, it’s what protects the whole business community. These are also known by the names of “certificates of existence” or “certificates of status.”

A state official may issue this document to a corporation or LLC. There are instances that require this particular document, including registration as a foreign entity in a state, acquisition of funds, renewal of licenses, and entry to any business transaction or agreement. Cases like ensuring that “Articles of Dissolution” are not filed with the state, selling a business, and opening a bank account may also require such certificates.

Filing with MyCorporation

MyCorporation makes filing for this certificate easy. First, the representatives may ask the client some questions. Once the data needed are completed, MyCorporation is ready to submit the client’s filings. After the given period of submission, the client will then receive the accomplished forms. Starting at $69, business owners can order a certificate of good standing. MyCorporation has a price calculator on their website that will help clients estimate their expenses.

About MyCorporation

MyCorporation is one of the most trusted companies when it comes to incorporation in California. The company specializes in online document filing services. For over 15 years, MyCorporation has helped many small business owners incorporate their business in a way that is standards-compliant and doesn’t break the bank. Other than filing services, the company offers trademark searches and applications, copyright registrations and DBA registrations.  The company is dedicated to ensuring the success of their clients. This is evident in their effort to put up a learning center on their website.

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