New Raw Vegan Chef professional online course takingthe market by storm

Australia, Queensland, Maleny - New Raw Vegan Chef professional online course taking the market by storm

Some fans of Raw Vegan diet may not be aware that there’s already a professional course which is being offered in this field. The Raw Food Institute of Australia is offering a complete online Raw Vegan Professional Chef Certificate Course. They welcome students from around the world into their interactive culinary courses.


The Mission of Raw Food Institute is to share and advance cutting-edge Raw Vegan Chef professional course in an online environment through superior instruction and innovative techniques designed to inspire and challenge

The program focuses on the Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine, which offers students comprehensive training in the principles behind the art of raw food. They also offer Advanced Raw Cuisine curriculum focusing on the modern, creative approach to living foods. These programs are structured in such a way that students build on the techniques learned, enabling them to execute and innovate raw cuisine at the highest level.


The Raw Food Institute’s programs are designed for those interested in the culinary art of raw foods at a business (and domestic) level, while using professional-style techniques. Their extensive, refined living cuisine instructions are based on structured and classic building blocks of culinary programs. And the institute’s profile includes a number of strategic partnerships, endorsements and collaborations which mutually benefit specific brands and projects.


"The Raw Food Institute of Australia Raw Vegan Professional Chef Certificate Course offers thorough and complete in depth instruction to all aspects of a Raw Vegan diet for modern Chefs who want to prepare Raw Vegan foods," Lucy Walter, founder of the Raw Food Insitute of Australia says.


This is an International interactive course that will give you the opportunity to study and share with interesting people from all over the world; those who have one common interest, “Raw Food”.  You will be coached using step-by-step instructions on everything you need to know about this healthy lifestyle, including illness prevention and reversal, the safest and most effective ways to detox, as well as how to prepare spectacular dishes.


Towards the end of the course, hands on food preparation will be given so that you will feel completely confident and well equipped with knowledge to continue this lifestyle on your own upon completion of the course. The course also includes training for those who want to pursue a career as certified raw vegan chefs, coaches, authors or even those who want to open their own cafes. Nothing can be more rewarding than following your passion and creating a career from it.


 “This course has a really strong, loving, vegan intention to help people change and improve their way of life and that of the planet," says Gabriel Cousens, American physician M.D., homeopath, and spiritual writer who practices holistic medicine.

About us:

The Raw Food Institute of Australia brings together the world’s foremost experts and innovators in plant based nutrition and some of the world’s leading Raw Food chefs and offers courses and programs for beginners to experts.


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